SMARTBLIND: thermal efficiency ALL YEAR round

Smart-blind uses the world leading technologically designed fabrics (for example, Phifer and Soltis) incorporated into an innovative no-gap window protection system. It offers varied levels of sun protection, i.e. from 80%-99% UV reduction. It helps in deflecting sun heat and bright glare smartly with innovative materials that add warmth during cooler months by retaining heat and helps reducing heat during summer months by rejection. This lead to a measurable difference in comfort levels, energy savings and is proven & tested time again and again.

smb-front-720x380smb1-720x380Smartblind features:

  • Full block-out or 3% to 12% openness fabric
  • translucent fabrics
  • 5-Year warranty
  • No visible fixing
  • EASY installation

Application areas:

  • Individual homes, villas, and apartments
  • Media/conference rooms
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Any building needs beautification



Smart Blind products use the best of Australian design and manufacturing technology

  • No Dangerous cords or chains
  • No flapping in the breeze
  • No visible fixings
  • No-gap aluminium sections
  • Fully zipped fabric to frame
  • Quality extrusions designed to last
  • World’s best thermal fabrics range
  • Industry Specialists
  • 5 year Australia wide warranty
  • Laboratory tested

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