Pest Control Equipment

The pests are a nuisance to households and commercial establishments alike. Most of us might have experienced at least one instance of an unbearable invasion of one pest. For example, ants, cockroaches, etc. and at most of the times we are ignorant of the fact that our house has been invaded by the pest. It’s rarely possible to get the assistance of pest control experts all the time, and if we can, however, it’s expensive to pay for the service. We could solve this by keeping a minimal required pest control equipment with us so we can do remedy as and when we feel so. With an aim to solve pest control issues with ‘Do-it-Yourself’ kits, here, we are happy to share with you below listed products for your kind use.


  1. Duo fogger by ASPEE (Thermal fogger that kills flying insects instantly)
  2. Insecticide spray pumps (Made of non-corrosive material like Brass, SS, and high-quality HDPE plastic)


Model: FOG002

Starting Mechanism: Electro sparking – 1.5 v

Pumping mechanism: Hand pump, 10 psi pressure in 25 stokes

Fuel: LPG gas container (Butane for example)

Fuel Consumption: 1.5-2 hours per container approx

chemical consumption: 7.5 ltr/hr

Chemical tank: 1.5 liters

Water tank: 1.5 liters

Weight: 3.8 kg

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