Aluminum mesh

Aluminum is being used as an alloy to make different Al based products. Aluminum 5xxxA is a series of Al alloy that is being used to make a variety of weldable products. Among which 5154A is used in pressure vessels and ship making since it is moderately hard yet is weldable. The same grade (5154A) is being used to make Phifer’s aluminum product. This is the huge difference that distinguishes Phifer from other local products where Al will get rust in an year time.

This precision woven and coated screen mesh sets the stan-dard for the screening industry. Available in three finishes: Black Aluminum screen offers the best outward visibility; Brite-KoteTM Bright Aluminum is the traditional aluminum product marketed worldwide; and Charcoal Aluminum’s rich charcoal finish has an architecturally pleasing appearance.

Pros: durable, affordable, available in variety of colors (Bright (traditional), Charcoal, and Black)

Cons: not easily malleable, fitment possible only with classic window or for main doors

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