Industrial Mosquito Screens (Freedom Screens)

As saying goes“Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure”, it’s always proven prudent to install insect screens for protecting their employees from contracting deadly diseases like malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika etc. It has been proven since centuries that sound, healthy employees are reflective of healthy and successful businesses. One main problem with commercial insect screening is a requirement for large size screen, which the current industrial establishment is not able to provide a solution for. However, we at Yashika Solutions has brought you customized solutions for such large openings. We have the capability to screen any type and any size opening with affordable costs. For example, we can screen a size of 40ft x 12 ft height, and this can go at any width. However, we found this is the largest possible size in industries. We use highly renowned branded meshes to give you long term usability and quality feels.

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