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Q1: What are mosquito screens? do they differ from insect screens or pet screens?

A: Mosquito screens nothing but a mesh that is being used to prevent mosquito or any tiny insect/pest entering into a house. Additionally, they will also act as a barrier for other pests. For example, birds may create nuisance by entering houses unwantedly while doors are open. Mosquito screens can be synonymously been used for insect screens or pet screens.

Q2: Why do need to use mosquito screens instead of AllOut or Goodnight or any other similar household pesticides?

A: The major difference is prevention vs cure. While AllOut and Goodnight help in mosquito bite control, installation of mosquito screens bar entry of mosquitoes into house at first place. Hence, use of household pesticide is more like a cure after infestation of mosquitoes into a house rather than prevention.

Q3. What all benefits I’ll get if I chose mosquito screens vs household pesticides?

A: Mosquito/insect screens offer you following benefits;

  1. its a prevention method rather than cure
  2. it allows you fresh air and light while enjoying mosquito-free environment
  3. its natural way of keeping mosquitoes away
  4. improves quality of life while being connected with nature when you desire
  5. no pesticides or insecticides required to prevent mosquito bites
  6. cost effective; installation of insect screen is one time investment as compared to daily paying out for AllOut
  7. power/electricity has gone? No issues with insect screens they work under all situations and can be suitable for all circumstances

Q4: What are different kinds of insect mesh are available in the market?

A: Mosquito mesh were made using a variety of materials, for example, stainless steel (SS), aluminum (Al), fiberglass (FG), polyesters, bronze, etc. Pl see our mesh-types section for more information on this.

Q5: What type mesh is best suited to our main door?

A: Front door/main door is obviously right entry to a house. We often approach main-door is to get visuals of outside of our house. For this, we would need extraordinary clear visuals. Only SS with dark colors like black satisfies this requirement. SS gives you both quality visuals and clear view to outside environs comes with superior durability.

Q6: I want to install mosquito mesh to my balcony or patio. What different solutions are available that are economical and durable?

A: There are solutions for installation of mosquito mesh to balconies. Please Talk-to-Us to know customized solution.

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