Insect Screens for Mosq control

Ever increase of human population and persistent need to accommodate more people in individual houses has put lots of stress on already strained forest resources. This has led to displacement of many insect species, most importantly the Mosquitoes. Their headway to human dwelling has created close contact between human and mosquitoes, their coadaptation has led to transmission of mosquito borne diseases. There have been insecticide oriented solutions for mosquito control, however, more natural and eco-friendly solution for this only “Screen installation”. Given a appealing research statistics stating more than 70% of world population is in risk of contracting any one of the mosquito borne diseases, the mesh-work to a house should be treated as important as a house it self rather than an accessory. Here, we at Yashika Solutions brings you a variety of mesh-types that can be fitted into multiple ways depending on one’s own likes or requirement. Please consult us for a free advise on any issues that concerns you about mosquito control.

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