We help you recover lost Balcony spaces with exclusive range of Balcozy (Made in USA) products. What ever reason it may be, that may be stopping you from using your balcony space, we are here to help reclaim the lost but purchased spaces!

Its usual that we don’t feel comfortable using open spaces like balconies for reading, eating or playing with children while our neighbors seeing us; albeit un-intentionally. We have a great product range that help cover your balcony spaces so it can provide you privacy to be one whom you want to be in your own house. By doing so, the product won’t limit you seeing outer environs. Meaning, it covers you from others, while allowing you to see others. Really awesome ha! Please contact us to know more how to reclaim lost balcony spaces for several reasons.

Are you not using balcony for any one of the below reasons?

  1. Neighbors could see you?
  2. lots of dust?
  3. unbearable sun heat and sun glare?
  4. No privacy?
  5. Don’t feel it like four-walled room?
  6. Lost of insects post-rainy days?

What ever other reasons may it be that stops you from using your balcony spaces freely, we have a product to help you to deal with.

What Balcozy product offers you?

  1. helps reclaim lost balcony spaces
  2. help reduce dust and other pollutants issues
  3. help reduce rain splashing hitting hard
  4. help you provide privacy
  5. won’t allow others see you during day time
  6. will let you see outside



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