BG-Sentinel: trap for researchers


The BG-Sentinel commonly called as BG trap is a professional trap used by many entomologists for their research. The lures are employed to attract tiger mosquitoes that mimic host behavior. Fifteen years of research by Biogents team at the University of Regensburg, Germany results in a combination of olfactory sensors that mimic human body odor, which helps to catch more number tiger mosquitoes by BG trap than any other traps that are being developed worldwide to date.

BG-trap have many special features that makes it to stand special among peers by;

  • mimic human body odor
  • efficiently designed to attract maximum number of mosquitoes with BLACK cover
  • the trap catches Dengue and Chikungunya causing vectors without need of CO2
  • the trap can be employed with CO2 to increase the number of attractant species
  • large and spacious trap’s inner size make it convenient to use small animals to increase catch rate of “preferred” species or you can also keep socks or any other attractant you presume that can attaract mosquitoes
  • trap can be used used to test other “potential attractants” developed by third party by placing them inside the trap

Owing to exceptional success of BG-trap for researchers, the Biogents has collected feedback from their valuable customers for over a decade and developed an improved version in 2015. For comparison please see the BG1 vs BG2.

YouTube Preview Image

Suction currents of a Biogents trap visualized with colored smoke. Color smoke was evoked nearby functional trap and is used to demonstrate how mosquito nearing trap will be sucked into a catch bag.

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