A trap: lab to field innovation

BG-Mosquitaire is another innovation by Biogents that is customized to use common public to reduce mosquito bite burden significantly. It has been used extensively around the globe in palaceous  spaces. Large vegetation almost make it impossible to use other methods of mosquito control effective. The most fit option for such a situation is to use appropriate trap to trap-out nasties from source.

The Mosquitaire has many special features include;

  • Standing trap made of sturdy plastic and is highly durable (dia: 40 cm)
  • Don’t use inflammable attractants. Requires only CO2 that is commonly available in the market
  • Energy-saving and safe: 12 V and 4 W
  • Highest capture rates
  • Specificity: doesn’t damage beneficial insects like butterflies and bees
  • Eco-friendly: no insecticides or pesticides
  • Requires little care and maintenance
  • Can be used several weeks continuously

Where can I use this trap to reduce mosquito menace?

  • Private bunglas and gardens
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Parks and hotels
  • Any public or private area that is high in mosquito density


Where to place trap? see this educational video by Biogents!

YouTube Preview Image

Want to try assemble mosquitaire yourself? watch this video for step-by-step instructions

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How effective the CO2 based Mosquitaire catching bugs? watch this for superb trapping

YouTube Preview Image

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