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Different variations of External SiteBiogents’ BG-Sentinel can be used according to the target species, the study aim and conditions in the field. The trap can be used with or without carbon dioxide, and with Biogents’ proprietary human scent imitation for a anthropophilic mosquitoes (such asAedes aegypti or Culex quinquefasciatus), the BG-Lure. We also offer a kit to add UV-light for biting midges (Ceratopogonidae) and other species that are attracted to ultraviolet light.

The BG-Sentinel needs a 12 V DC energy source. For a use on the electricity network, Biogents supplies mains adaptors. In the field, the traps can be hooked up to batteries. For normal field conditions, we suggest the use of motorcycle batteries which are readily available in most regions of the world. A capacity of 11 Ah is needed for every 24 hours (this includes a secruity factor).


When used in combination with Biogents proprietary artificial human scent, the BG-Lure, the BG-Sentinel is an excellent monitoring trap for yellow fever mosquitoes, their realtives from the genus Stegomyia, and other anthropophilic species. The BG-Lure releases an artificial skin odour (ammonia, lactic acid, and caproic acid) in a finely tuned ration similar to that of human skin. A version of the artificial scent which gives off smaller quanities of the active ingredients is called Sweetscent.
Due to a new formulation of our artificial scents we were able to significantly increase the effectiveness of our BG-Lure as well as of the Sweetscent. Download a flyer with more information about the new BG-Lure This is a pdf-file. and the Sweetscent This is a pdf-file..


BG-Sweetscent: The lure to attract Aedes aegypti and other haematophagous insects

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