Aedes Trap for households

The hanging trap against tiger mosquitoes is the small, lightweight and easy to carry model from Biogents to control mosquitoes in private areas. The trap uses similar patented human-mimicking lure to attract Aedes aegypti or Aedes albopictus that are potential transmitters of Dengue, chikungunya and Zika virus. These traps can be operated 24 x 7 several months without maintenance proving the versatile ability of the trap to continuous control of the mosquitoes.


  • Light hanging trap with textile body
  • Diameter 40 cm
  • Does not require propane, butane or other flammable gases
  • Does not damage beneficial insects like butterflies, bees or ladybugs
  • Uses no insecticides
  • Requires little care and maintenance
  • Energy-saving and safe: 12 V and 4 W

IMG_0982 (1)

Examples of applications

  • Private gardens
  • Beer gardens, cafés and restaurants
  • Parks and hotels
  • Campgrounds
  • Beach pools and forest pools
  • Facilities for sports and recreation
  • Rehabilitation clinics and wellness facilities


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