BG Trap: A Mosquito trap

Biogents: When it comes to mosquitoes, nothing escapes us.

Biogents develops and produces patented traps for mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects which exhibit capture rates that are multiple times better than those of other designs. That is why, for example, Biogents traps are being investigated as a means for combating dengue fever as well. A project that is supported by the World Bank, the Bill-und-Melinda-Gates foundation and state agencies in Brazil. Today, the spectrum of Biogents mosquito traps ranges from devices that are used by scientists, health-care specialists and other professional users worldwide (BG-Sentinel) to those that are sued by end-consumers (Mosquitaire and Mosquitito).

BG-Sentinel mosquito monitoring trap with air currents

The BG-Sentinel mosquito trap is essentially a collapsible, fabric container with a white lid with holes covering its opening. The diameter is 36 cm (14 inches), the height 40 cm (1.3 feet). In the middle of the gauze cover, air is sucked into the trap through a black catch pipe by an electrical fan, drawing approaching mosquitoes into a catch bag (yellow arrows).

The air then exits the trap through the white gauze, generating ascending currents (red arrows). These are similar to convection currents produced by a human host, both in its direction, its geometrical structure, and, due to the addition of the BG-Lure, also in its chemical composition.

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Response of female Aedes mosquitoes in olfactometer to artificial human cues (lures) developed by Biogents

Biogents has pioneered in producing a range of traps from research oriented to common public use. BG-sentinel and its related CO2 version are being used for research, while mosquitaire or mosquitito are for end-consumers. Interestingly, both use BGlure to attract tiger mosquitoes, and CO2 to catch other common household inhabiting mosquito species.

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How to operate or begin with new BG Trap

Mosquitoes catch by BG lure in one-night outdoor installation

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